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Who We Are

Welcome to New Hope Church of Oxford, Michigan. Our aim is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed in our living, preaching and teaching to reach the Oxford community and surrounding area. We trust that God would be glorified in the transformational work of the Holy Spirit to grow our faith in Jesus Christ. We Believe it is only by faith in Jesus Christ that we may find new hope in this life and find life eternal.


We are a church plant that began in 2013. Our focus is the Bible, God's Word. Each week we open the pages of Scripture and teach from the text, God's infallible Holy Word. Many churches preach a message that fulfills a perceived need in society. Each week our aim is to faithfully open the bible and systematically preach and teach through a continued passage of scripture.


We are a confessional church, being we understand our faith alone is in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as explained in the Scriptures alone. Our salvation is due to no merit of our own, but by faith alone which is a gift alone by God's grace alone, justified by Jesus’ death and resurrection alone.

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